What To Bring On Multi-Day Camping Tours

What to Bring:

A SENSE OF ADVENTURE! Do NOT leave home without it!

Comfortable Clothing:

Be sure to bring clothes that make you comfortable in the car and on the trail. We recommend pants and shorts (year round) or convertibles, comfortable breathable shirts (possibly with rollable long sleeves), proper hiking socks, sturdy outdoor footwear (minimum of a trail shoe), a fleece, and parka or other lightweight waterproof jacket (rain and altitude can make you cold and wet even in summer). We also recommend a pair of sandals, water shoes, or extra shoes that can get wet if your tour includes Willis Creek Slot Canyon.

Amount of Clothing:

Bring enough undergarments and shirts for the duration of our trip. Plan to reuse pants, belts, hats, etc. Try to be smart in your packing, consolidating as much as possible. Try to keep it to a minimum. Remember once we take your pack off the truck……you’ll have to lug it around!

Protection From the Elements:

Sunglasses, hat with brim, sunscreen, chap stick, water bottle or hydration pack, flashlight or headlamp, a decent multi-tool (optional). In winter bring a warm hat, gloves, long johns, and proper layering.


We recommend a proper pack or a large duffel bag with detachable or separate day pack. One main bag and one accessory/day bag allowed per guest.


The basics: Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb or brush, soap, shampoo/conditioner (All travel sizes where possible).

Other Items:

At your discretion you may bring certain items of outdoor gear such as a handheld GPS, cell phones (coverage severely limited), Cameras, small cooling fans, daypacks, etc.

What Not to Bring


Heels of any kind, dress shoes, skirts, dresses, excessive amounts of clothes


Suitcases (especially large ones), vanity bags, hanging bags, more than two bags, etc. Baggage storage is available for free during the duration of your trip so you can drop off your city clothes in our secure warehouse.


We provide all of this and we wash the sleeping bags regularly. However you may ask us if you want to bring your own bag.


Large bottles of anything, excessive makeup or products

Other Items:

Fireworks, liquor, illegal drugs, weapons (small pocket knives or multi-tools allowed), unnecessary, excessive, or redundant outdoor gear (stoves, water filters, etc.)

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