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Company History

In 2001 David and Marilyn DeVooght, Kanab  4×4 enthusiasts, established Dreamland Safari Tours in response to an obvious demand for scenic tours in the Kanab Area.  These Utah safari tours were a great side venture for the retired couple and provided a way for curious travelers to go places off the beaten track, places they otherwise would never be able to see. In addition to launching the business and running desert safaris, they were busy securing the future for 4×4 recreation in the area with local activism. Dreamland owes its existence to Dave and Marilyn. Without their passion and perseverance Dreamland Safari Tours would have never gotten off the ground.


In 2011 Dreamland changed hands from Dave and Marilyn to William James, who took over the company  with the vision of expanding into multi-day expeditions and helping develop Kanab as a world-class outdoor destination.  Through its nine seasons under Will’s and his wife Meghann’s management, Dreamland continued to expand and receive customer accolades. Dreamland grew to become the largest and most comprehensive tour company in the Kanab Area.

David and Marilyn DeVooght


David and Marilyn DeVooght

Current Ownership

In March 2020, Dreamland Safari tours was purchased by another husband-and-wife couple: Paul Gagner and Sunny Stroeer.  

Paul and Sunny are lifelong backcountry adventurers with a long history of exploring the Southwest. From exploratory climbing and numerous first ascents on rock (Paul) to desert ultra runs and a solo thruhike of the 812-mile Hayduke trail (Sunny), Dreamland’s current owners have a deep passion for untraveled adventure. We are excited to introduce you to the secrets of the spectacular desert landscapes in Dreamland’s backyard around Kanab.

Find Your Inner Explorer

Based in Kanab, UT, the hub of the Grand Circle, Dreamland Safari Tours delivers unique Scenic Off-Road Adventure Tours with plenty of Photography stops and short hikes mixed in. From the well known sights to those “secret” places only the locals know about, our adventures, designed for everyday people, highlight the best of this wild, vivid landscape. Our seasoned, naturalist tour guides are simply the best in the business. Loaded heavy duty 4×4 Suburbans carry up to 8 passengers in air conditioned comfort. Whether you are interested in touring for 3 hours or 3 days, backyard or backcountry, we have a great selection of tours for your convenience. Let us do all the work – after all, it’s YOUR vacation!

Dreamland Safari Tours is proud to be rated the #2 Outdoor Activity on TripAdvisor in Kanab, UT. Don’t miss out!

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